Sample letter of invitation

Chinese visa Sample 2 Year Letter Of Invitation

Chinese visa Sample 2 Year Letter Of Invitation

Information that is required for an letter of invitation:

Applicant’s information:
1.   Company’s address
2.   Company’s telephone number
3.   Relationship bewteen inviter and initee
4.   Place of visit
5.   Purpose of visit
6.   Date of visit
7.   Full name
8.   Date of birth
9.   Gender
10. Passport number
11. Who will be responsible for all the expenses during the applicant’s stay
12. How many entries needed and the reason why if more than one entry is required

Inviter’s information:

13. Company stamp
14. Signature (if inviter is Chinese, need to sign in Chinese character)
15. Full name (if inviter is Chinese, need to type in Chinese character)
16. Job title
17. Date the letter was written

15. Name of the Company

These information in your letter of invitation and is not related to the information already on your application form. If any of the above details are not included in your letter of invitation, the embassy will not accept your application.
The letter headed paper must be from a company in mainland China not Hong Kong, Macau or anywhere else not in mainland China.
Currently if you apply for a multiple entry visa and the embassy choose not to issue it, they normally issue a lesser visa.

In all cases the embassy will have the final decision on what visa to issue if they issue a visa at all. Therefore supplying the required documents does not guarantee the outcome.

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