Sample Hotel Confirmation

Sample Hotel Confirmation

Sample Hotel Booking Confirmation

Sample Hotel Booking


When applying for a Chinese tourist visa, the Chinese embassy requires Flight and Hotel confirmation or personal letter of invitation. The Chinese embassy has strict requirements for these documents. Here is a sample hotel confirmation

1. BOOKING NUMBER – That is the confirmation number of your hotel booking, usually shown as “Booking reference”, “Confirmation number” or “Reference number”.
2. CHECK-IN DATE – The date that you will check-in the hotel room.
3. CHECK-OUT DATE – The date that you will check-out the hotel room.
4. GUEST NAME – The name of the persons that are going to stay in the hotel room. If there are more than one person staying at the room, as the confirmation might not show all the guests name, there confirmation should show the number of guests
5. HOTEL DETAILS: hotel address and hotel contact number.

Please note: if the above information is not contained in your Flight confirmation, it will not be accepted by the Embassy

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