How to read a Chinese visa

labelled Chinese visa

Chinese Visa – Sample Chinese Visa

Chinese visa information:

  1. CATEGORY – This denotes what type of visa you have been issued. In the image shown “L” means that the visa is a tourist visa. See our “Chinese Visa Types” page for a full list of the different types of visas that can be issued in the UK.
  2. ENTER BEFORE –This is the date that the visa expires you must make all the entries allowed on your visa(point number 8) before this date.
  3. ISSUE DATE – This is the date that the Chinese visa was placed in your passport
  4. FULL NAME – Your initials and Surname.
  5. BIRTH DATE – Your date of birth
  6. REMARKS – Normally not used, but will contain any special restrictions
  7. Among other things this section will contain your full name
  8. ENTRIES – This is the number of entries allowed with this visa(in this example only 1 entry can be made). If it says “M” you can enter as many times as you wish before the date in point 2.
  9. DURATION OF EACH STAY – The maximum number of days you are allowed to stay in China each time you visit using this visa
  10. ISSUED AT – The place the visa was issued(always in Chinese)
  11. PASSPORT NO. – Your passport number
  12. Your Chinese visa number