Non UK passport Chinese visa requirements

Some non UK passport holders are required to provide extra documents. The Chinese embassy also will not  process applications on the express service for some non UK passport holders.

The countries shown in blue need to provide some extra/different documents in order to apply for a Chinese visa. You can click on the country name to be shown the full list of requirements for that non UK passport holder.


The following list of countries will only be issued with a single entry visa which they have to use within 1 month of the visa being issued. They will also be limited to 2 days more than the days their supporting documents say that they need(up to a maximum of 30 days).

Afghanistan – Iraq – Pakistan – Bangladesh – Congo (DR) – Ghana – Iran – Mali – Sri Lanka  – Kazakhatan – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan – Uzbekistan – Nigeria


No express service allowed for these non UK passport holders

Austria Greece Pakistan
Afghanistan Iceland Portugal
Bangladesh Iran Spain
Belgium Iraq Sri Lanka
Czech Republic Kazakhstan Sweden
Denmark Kyrgyzstan Switzerland
Estonia Luxembourg Tajikistan
Finland Mali The Netherlands
France Nigeria Turkmenistan
Germany Norway USA
Ghana P.R. Congo Uzbekistan