Multiple entry Chinese visas

Multiple entry Chinese visas have become more difficult to obtain. The Chinese embassy has become very erratic when considering applications for multiple entry Chinese visas. They often issue a lesser visa than the one that is requested.

The embassy is now rejecting most applications for multiple entry Chinese visas, where the applicant asks to stay in China for more than 30 days each stay. When they reject the application on this basis, the applicant is instructed to apply for a work visa.

This page provides information based on the experience of the team at 5 Star China Holidays. This information can increase your chances of being issued the visa that you request. The Chinese embassy does not publish all of the policies that will affect their decision when considering applications for multiple entry visas. There does not seem to be any particular pattern. The information found here will increase your chances of receiving the multiple entry Chinese visa that you request. However there is no way to guarantee the outcome of your Chinese visa application.

How long do multiple entry Chinese visas last?

When the Chinese embassy do issue multiple entry visas, they will be valid for • 3 months  • 6 months  • 12 months or • 24 months.
The validity of the multiple entry Chinese visas start from the day the visas are put in your passport.


Some Reasons Multiple entry Chinese visas are issued:

  • Regular business trips
  • Visiting family members who live in China
  • Visiting more than 2 cities on a single cruise

Regular business trips:

The Chinese will accept applications for all the multiple entry visas listed above apart from the 2 year multiple entry visa without any previous trips to China using a business visa.

In order to apply for 2 year multiple entry visas the Chinese embassy require you to have been to China at least 2 times using a business visa.

The chances of being issued any of the multiple entry visas without having previous visits to China using a business visa are very very low.

To greatly improve your chances, in addition to providing the originals of your previous used business visas to China(include the old passport if the previous visas are not in the current passport), your letter of invitation must clearly state which visa you wish to apply for and why. e.g. “in order to visit our office many times during the next 2 years, please apply for a 2 year multi trip visa.” 

If you are provided with an “Invitation letter of duly authorized Unit” the embassy will allow you to apply for a 2 year visa if the letter says you need a 1 year visa. As long as you provide at least 2 previous used business Chinese visas. In all other cases you can only apply for the visa stated in the letter.

Visiting family members who live in China

In order to qualify to apply for these type of visas. You will need an invitation letter from your family member living in China.

The relationships that are accepted  by the Chinese embassy are • spouses • parents • sons • daughters • spouses of sons or daughters • brothers • sisters • grandparents • grandsons • granddaughters • parents-in-law.

You will need to provide proof of the relationship between you and the person living in China.

Visiting more than 2 cities on a single cruise to China

The Chinese embassy will consider issuing a 3 month multiple entry visa if your cruise itinerary shows that you require more than 2 entries into mainland China. When this type of visa is issued, all entries need to be made within 3 months of the day that the visa is put in your passport

Sample 24 month invitation letter

Sample 2 year invitation letter