Letter of Invitation

In accordance with requirements from the Chinese embassy, from July 16th 2012, invitation letters for Chinese visas must contain the following:

This list is about the information in your letter of invitation and is not related to the information already on your application form.


□     Full Name(as shown in passport, including all middle names)
□     Gender
□     Date of Birth
□     Passport Number

□     Purpose of Visit
□      Date of Arrival and Departure in China (of the next trip if applying for multi entries; both if applying for double entry)
□     Place of Visit(in China)
□     Relationship between the Applicant and the inviter
□     Who will be paying all the applicant’s expenses while they are in China


□     Name of Organisation
□     Contact Number
□     Address
□     Stamp of the Organisation
□     Chinese signature of the Organisation Representative
□     Job title of the Organisation Representative
□     Chinese name of the Organisation Representative
□     Date of the letter it was written


□     Name (Full Chinese name if the inviter is Chinese)
□     Contact Number (in China)
□     Address (in China)
□     Signature of inviter (in Chinese characters if they are Chinese)
□     ID Copy

Date of the letter it was written

i.     Chinese inviter: ID Copy front and back;
ii.    Non-Chinese inviter: a copy of Passport photo page and resident permit page)

Please note :

  • if any of the above details are not included in your letter of invitation, the embassy will not accept your application.
  • In all cases the embassy will have the final decision on what visa to issue if they issue a visa at all. Therefore supplying the required documents does not guarantee the outcome.
  • For Multiple entry visa applications, the letter must clearly state which multiple entry Chinese visa the applicant is applying for and why the applicant requires a multiple entry visa.
  • Currently if you apply for a multiple entry Chinese visa and the embassy choose not to issue it, they normally issue a lesser visa.


Different types of Letter of Invitation

Chinese visa sample letter of duly authorized unit

Chinese visa sample letter of duly authorized unit

Sample 24 month invitation letter

Sample 2 year invitation letter

Chinese visa sample confirmation letter of invitation

Chinese visa sample confirmation letter of invitation

Here is an example of the new requirement


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