Document Legalisation

Document Legalisation Service

5 Star China Holidays offers a document Legalisation service through the Foreign andCommonwealth Office(FCO) and the Chinese Embassy.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to provide the correct wording in your document. During the process of Legalisation the wording is not checked by the FCO. The Chinese embassy may pick up on wording that could stop them from legalising the document.

The reason for this is that during the Legalisation process the main aim is to verify that the signatures are true.

For example:

  • You sign in front of a solicitor.
  • The solicitor signs to verify that they witnessed you sign
  • The FCO certify that the signature of the solicitor who has signed the document is on file with them.
  • The Chinese embassy certify that the signature of the FCO official is on file with them.

The wording may be an issue at the Chines embassy in instances such referring to Hong Kong or Taiwan as a country rather than part of China or where a declaration that someone is single does not actually use the phrase “I am single”.

In China Document legalisation may be required in situations such as;

  • Getting married in China
  • Adopting a Chinese child
  • Opening an office for your company in China
  • Renewing residence permit
  • Renewing dependant visas

These are not the only reasons documents need to be legalised, neither is China the only country that requires documents to be legalised. Whenever and wherever Legalisation is required 5 Star China Holidays may be able to help.

The Legalisation process consists of two parts:

  1. The FCO
  2. The Embassy of the country that your documents will be used in.


5 Star China Holidays can help in one or both parts of the process.

Draft Single Status declaration

Draft Single Status declaration

Sample FCO apostile

Sample FCO apostile