Chinese visa Passport photo

Chinese Visa Passport photo requirements as of  December 2016

Recently the Chinese visa passport photo hes become very trick in regards to what the Chinese embassy will accept. As with all authorities there is a bit of flexibility when dealing with the passport photo of a baby or young toddler.

The Chinese embassy has provided guidance as to what is acceptable for a Chinese visa passport photo, which can be seen below.

The most common issues are:

  • The wearing of jewelry – no jewelry is to be worn in the photo. Even very small earrings are a problem
  • The colour of the background – the background needs to be white or nearly white(as light as possible)
  • hair covering the ears – hair must not cover the ears
  • The wearing of glasses – there are so many issues with wearing glasses it is safer to just not wear any in the photo
  • The colour of the applicant’s top – you top can not be white or nearly white. If it is the applicant merges with the background which is not allowed
Chinese visa passport photo requirements

Chinese visa passport photo requirements