Canton Fair – Guangzhou – China

Canton Fair International Pavillion

Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is the biggest import export trade show in China. It is held twice each year. Once in April and Once in October.

Attending The Canton Fair give you access to China’s best foreign trade corporations.

The Canton fair is divided into 3 phases. Each phase lasts for 5 days. There is usually a break of about 4 days.

Phase 1

Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances · Lighting Equipment · Vehicles & Spare Parts · Machinery · Hardware & Tools · Building Materials · Chemical Products ·International Pavilion

Phase 2

Consumer Goods · Gifts · Home Decorations

Phase 3

Textiles & Garments · Shoes · Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, and Recreation Products · Medicines, Medical Devices and Health Products · Food & Native Produce

Do I need a Chinese Visa for for the Canton Fair?

A Chinese visa is required for going to the Canton Fair. The only exception is if you fly into Guangzhou Baiyun airport, stay in mainland China for less than 72 hours, then fly out of Guangzhou Baiyun airport to a different country/region than you flew in from.

To apply for a business visa for China you will need a letter of invitation. The organisers of the Fair will provide you with a letter of invitation. In order to receive this, you are required to register your business with them in advance.

You can register for the Canton Fair on their “Buyer E-Service Tool” at The process takes a few days to complete. You can have the invitation posted or you can print it directly from your login.

Before you decide which to use, please be aware that passport holders of some countries are required to provide the posted version. Sometimes the country of your birth can also cause you to have to provide the posted version.

More information about these countries on our Non UK passport page.



Sample Canton Fair Letter (posted)

Sample Canton Fair Letter (posted)