Additional documents required for a Chinese tourist visa

As of Monday 16 January 2012 the Embassy requires additional documents required for a Chinese tourist visa.

You need to provide copies of;

1…. All Your flight(s) confirmation(s) into and out of China and your Hotel Booking(s) confirmation(s) for your stays in China, (If you are going to China on a cruise or organised tour you need to provide a copy of your  itinerary, showing your name, your flight details and the hotel addresses),


2…. A letter from someone who lives in China.

If you are going to get a letter from someone who lives in China it needs to have the following information;

  • Full Name of applicant(as it appears in your passport)
  • Gender of applicant
  • Date of birth of applicant
  • Passport number of applicant
  • Date of entry and exit for the intended visit(s) to China
  • Place of visit in China
  • Purpose of visiting China
  • Relationship between applicant and inviter
  • Who will pay the applicant’s expenses while in China
  • Name, address and contact telephone number of the inviter
  • A copy of the inviter’s passport and Chinese residents permit
  • If you need to stay in Mainland China more than 30 days without leaving, the letter needs to mention this fact.
  • The letter also needs to be signed by the inviter.
  • If the inviter is not a Chinese Citizen please also include a copy of their China resident permit.

The items in blue  are essential. Sometimes the Chinese Embassy asks for additional documents required for a Chinese tourist visa. On the occasions where the extra information is required, the initial application has been rejected, which incurs a cost of at least £66. Once the extra documents are supplied the application process was started from the beginning.

Therefore it is advisable, if at all possible to supply the extra items in advance  to avoid the delay and extra cost if the Embassy needs them.


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