Chinese visa application process in UK

Chinese visa application process

The Chinese visa application process is made easy by 5 Star China holidays.

In short the process has 3 steps;

  1. Download the application form from
  2. Send or bring the required documents to 5 Star China Holidays.
  3. Wait for 5 Star to do the rest

Chinese Visa application – required documents:

Please note.
Passport holders of many countries are required to provide extra documentation. Sometimes British passport holders may need to provide extra documentation if they were not born in the UK.

The list of items below list covers the requirements for tourist and business visas.

  • Valid original passport with at least 6 months left(more if you require more than 1 entry) and 2 blank visa pages. If your previous visas are in your previous passport include that also.
  • 1 passport photo. Same size as required for a British passport. It must have a plain light background.
  • A completed and signed Chinese visa application form.
  • Letter of invitation from an organization in mainland China if applying for a business visa.
  • Copies of your flight and hotel confirmation¬†or a letter of invitation from someone who lives in ¬†mainland¬†China or an organization in mainland China if applying for a tourist visa.
  • Copy of your passport information page also your old passport information page if your last visa is in your old passport.
  • Copy of your last Chinese visa

If all of these items are not available, your application may not be accepted y the Chinese embassy.